Sep 4, 2013

Even Here at All Your Memories, we pride ourselves on being happy, friendly, easy to work with, and ultimately, dedicated professionals who are very good at (not to mention love) what we do. Weddings are such a beautiful and exciting part of life and we hope that we may be able to offer you a stunning keepsake of your special day, to last a lifetime’s

A christening is an important occasion to name and baptise a young member of the family. It’s an important event in the life of a child and the family as a whole. Unfortunately, the most important person in the ceremony – the child or baby – is usually too young to remember the occasion!

Also, the wedding day is one of the most important occasions in people’s life. The couple is so busy and full of anxiety that it is impossible for them to remember all the details of the occasion. So it is very important to have the proper document which enables them to re-live those unforgettable moments. Trust in us the video of your wedding because we can really make it an unforgettable day!

Some Samples from Christenings: